Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss

Avanti Body red light therapy and hair loss

Red light therapy for hair loss is a safe, effective, and natural treatment option that has been gaining popularity recently. Backed by a strong base of research, red light treatments have been shown to increase hair count, density, thickness, and strength for men and women alike. At Avanti Body in Vacaville, CA, Scottsdale, AZ and […]

The Brain-Changing Benefits Of Exercise

Avanti Body does red light therapy work

There are many Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise. Fortunately, not only are there physical benefits to exercising (like weight loss), but your brain is also going to have positive consequences. Look at the next video below and check it out.

Increasing Health By Choosing Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Avanti Body Increasing Health By Choosing Anti Inflammatory Foods

Studies have shown that chronic inflammation in the body can lead to some serious health issues – and it can happen just by eating. So we joined Chef Kelly Boyer, anti-inflammatory foods expert, and chef, to learn about how what you eat affects inflammation. Get the full recipes here:

Osaine Seastem Skin Care

Avanti Body Osaine Seastem Skin Care

Cellular evolution has allowed the algae to adapt to These difficult environmental conditions by responding to dehydration and premature aging.

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Avanti Body Anti Aging Benefits of Red Light Therapy

If you’re like us, you’ve probably tried countless different anti-aging products over the years and wasted hundreds of dollars. The good news is that a relatively new technology called red light therapy has actually been proven to have safe anti-aging effects on the skin and body.

Aging? Who Wants That? We Can Help!

Avanti Body Aging Who Wants That We Can Help

Are serums, potions, and lotions just not giving you the results you are looking for? At Avanti Body we say “Aging? Who Wants That? We Can Help!”. Aging? Who Wants That? We Can Help! Seventy percent of our skin is made of collagen, the main component of the dermis layer. Collagen is what gives our […]