Essential Tips for Proper Skin Care During the Hot Days Ahead

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Essential Tips for Proper Skin Care During the Hot Days Ahead As summer approaches, it’s wise to alter our skincare routine to protect our skin from the harsh effects of the sun, heat, and humidity. Proper skin care during this season can help you maintain a healthy and glowing complexion while preventing damage and premature […]

The Importance of Hydration

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The Importance of Hydration: Why We Need to Drink More Water as We Age Hydration is key for healthy living, regardless of our age, as it has both immediate and long-term effects on our bodies. But we don’t stay young forever as we add a few candles to our birthday cake we find our bodies […]

Tips to Show Yourself Some Love

Tips to Show Yourself Some Love 2

Tips to Show Yourself Some Love People are constantly talking about self-care these days. They want you to take a fancy bath with a nice bath bomb, do a face mask, go for a walk, etc. All of these things are fantastic, but when it really comes down to it, self-love is the key to […]

The Effects of Red Light Therapy on Sleep and Restoration

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The Effects of Red Light Therapy on Sleep and Restoration With the amount of stress, we experience each day on the rise, it’s no wonder that most of us are finding it hard to fall asleep, stay asleep, and get enough sleep each night. While we all know how important it is to get enough […]

Unlock the Secrets of Fascia

Avanti Body Unlock the Secrets of Fascia

Unlock the Secrets of Fascia: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Your Body Do you ever feel like your body just doesn’t move the way you want it to? Have you ever been told that you have a problem with your fascia, but you don’t know what that means? If so, you’re not alone. The fascia […]

Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Avanti Body Red Light Therapy Muscle Recovery

Avanti Body System can help increase your performance and decrease your recovery time. Red light Therapy is becoming popular at many gyms, Avanti Body System is unique in that it can configure to your body and allow for comfortable relaxation while it rejuvenates muscles, decreases inflammation, and produces a renewed feeling. Come experience the Avanti Body System difference.

The Brain-Changing Benefits Of Exercise

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There are many Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise. Fortunately, not only are there physical benefits to exercising (like weight loss), but your brain is also going to have positive consequences. Look at the next video below and check it out.

Increasing Health By Choosing Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Avanti Body Increasing Health By Choosing Anti Inflammatory Foods

Studies have shown that chronic inflammation in the body can lead to some serious health issues – and it can happen just by eating. So we joined Chef Kelly Boyer, anti-inflammatory foods expert, and chef, to learn about how what you eat affects inflammation. Get the full recipes here: