Total investment: $300,000 – $490,000 including franchise fee of $38,500 and all other costs to open your doors. 

The average time is between five (5) to nine (9) months from signing the Franchise Agreement to the Grand Opening of your Avanti Body location. This time estimate can vary based on factors including: location, construction schedules, and financing. 

Our franchisees are our partners. We have developed a multi-step training and support system to build the foundation together. (I WOULD LIKE MORE SPECIFICS HERE i.e.- Site selection help, marketing support, data analysis, training, designated business pro…) 

Net Worth: $500,000 

Liquid capital: $150,000 

How do I get started?

The first step begins by filling out our online registration form. 

Our team will contact you and take you through how, together, we can build a business that transforms your clients’ lives. We are very selective in the type of individuals we take on as partners. Integrity, empathy, and a sincere desire to help people reach their goals are the pillars we require. If you have the drive and commitment to go out and turn your vision into reality, you’ll fit right in. Let’s do this together. 

If you feel you have these qualities, we’d like to talk.