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that empowers your community to look and feel their best

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Avanti Body was created to enhance the lives of our clients and our franchise partners by empowering each to become who they want to be. Step-by-step encouragement, staying focused, and providing high-quality, health-forward experiences that lead to healthy weight loss, anti-aging, pain relief and overall wellness; the cornerstone of the Avanti Body business model are the cornerstones of what we excel at.

Our franchise partners aren’t just looking for positive financial opportunities; they are passionate about helping others succeed on their wellness journey.

The Health & Wellness Market is Exploding

We’ve seen what getting older has done to our parents and grandparents. The resounding result is a large part of the population refuses to follow that path. They are investing in themselves to slow the aging process. 

Weight Loss Service
$ 0 billion
$ 0 billion
$ 0 trillion

Avanti Body provides solutions for all three areas.

a little about us

are you the right fit?

why avanti body?

the avanti Advantages
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Clients visit our centers multiple times per week
  • Membership programs - recurring revenue streams
  • We’re not transactional focused - we are transformational focused
  • Labor light business model - no professional license or certification required
  • Avanti changes lives! 

Are you a good match for Avanti Body?

  • Recognize the growth potential

  • Passionate about health and wellness

  • Desire to transform people’s lives

  • Driven to succeed (business experience a plus)

  • Trust in franchise partnership and systems

  • Have capital to open your Avanti Body Center