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Avanti Body blue light vs. red light

Blue Light vs. Red Light Therapy

At Avanti Body in Vacaville, CA, and Scottsdale, AZ, we are passionate about light! All light is made up of different wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum. Visible light ranges from red, which has longer wavelengths, to violet, which has shorter wavelengths.

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Is Red Light Therapy Safe

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

We know you care about your health and that you’ve probably asked yourself questions like, “is red light therapy safe?” At Avanti Body in Vacaville, CA, we care about your health too. 

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Avanti Body Anti Aging Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Red Light Therapy

If you’re like us, you’ve probably tried countless different anti-aging products over the years and wasted hundreds of dollars. The good news is that a relatively new technology called red light therapy has actually been proven to have safe anti-aging effects on the skin and body.

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Avanti Body Add Energy to Your Day

Add Energy To Your Day

How to add energy to your day? In different ways, it is possible to improve our daily energy. If you want to see it more easily, watch this video below.

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