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Avanti Body Commonly Asked Questions about Red Light Therapy 1

Commonly Asked Questions About Red Light Therapy

At Avanti Body in Vacaville, CA, we understand how important your health is—it’s important to us too! That’s why we’ve put together this list of commonly asked questions about red light therapy that we’ve received from our clients. We want you to be as informed as possible as you embark on this journey to better health with us.  Look at this questions about red light therapy.

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What is the Difference Between Red Light Therapy and Infrared Saunas?

A common question that we receive here at Avanti Body is: “what is the difference between red light therapy and infrared saunas?” Saunas and red light therapy are both natural treatments that provide numerous health benefits, but they work very differently. In today’s post, we’ll explore how each therapy works and some of the key differences between the two. 

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Avanti Body Red Light Therapy Muscle Recovery

Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Avanti Body System can help increase your performance and decrease your recovery time. Red light Therapy is becoming popular at many gyms, Avanti Body System is unique in that it can configure to your body and allow for comfortable relaxation while it rejuvenates muscles, decreases inflammation, and produces a renewed feeling. Come experience the Avanti Body System difference.

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Avanti Body does red light therapy work

The Brain-Changing Benefits Of Exercise

There are many Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise. Fortunately, not only are there physical benefits to exercising (like weight loss), but your brain is also going to have positive consequences. Look at the next video below and check it out.

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Avanti Body blue light vs. red light

Blue Light vs. Red Light Therapy

At Avanti Body in Vacaville, CA, and Scottsdale, AZ, we are passionate about light! All light is made up of different wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum. Visible light ranges from red, which has longer wavelengths, to violet, which has shorter wavelengths.

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Avanti Body Increasing Health By Choosing Anti Inflammatory Foods

Increasing Health By Choosing Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Studies have shown that chronic inflammation in the body can lead to some serious health issues – and it can happen just by eating. So we joined Chef Kelly Boyer, anti-inflammatory foods expert, and chef, to learn about how what you eat affects inflammation. Get the full recipes here: https://bit.ly/2CTTFQO

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Is Red Light Therapy Safe

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

We know you care about your health and that you’ve probably asked yourself questions like, “is red light therapy safe?” At Avanti Body in Vacaville, CA, we care about your health too. 

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